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Stricture urethra and other reconstructive surgery

Ideally, the urethra is a long tube that carries urine outside your body, and men have a much long further than ladies. It is pretty standard for men to experience urethral damage which needs surgery. Dr. Nitin Srivastava offers unique treatments for men who need urethral reconstruction or surgery to repair their urinary tract. 

Trauma or inflammation often leads to frequent urinary tract infections, leading to narrowing of one portion of your urethra, which leads to painful and obstructed urination. The type of urinary blockage is known as a stricture, and it also needs surgery at times. 

There are various techniques to diagnose stricture, and an expert might use dye and x-ray to learn about the problem area, and the technique is known as contrast imagining. 

Ideally, urethral reconstruction is a pretty challenging and delicate process that needs several hours in the operation theatre and recovery time in the hospital too. The experts first tend to identify the perfect size and location of your problem to get going with the repair. Then, depending on the site and damage, the urethra will be repaired.

The tissue will either be repaired or it will be replaced with other tissue from any other body part. The surgery is known as urethroplasty, which removes scar tissue and it also has a long term success rate of at least 90 %. If you are looking for a long term cure, then it is your best bet. Above all, it all depends on the extent of your damage and a catheter is also used to expand the tiny opening. 

The urinary system mainly connects your body's four main waste management organs. Once the urine is stored in your bladder, it tends to expel outside your body through another tube known as further. Experts will perform surgery if there is any blockage.